I spent Wednesday to Friday at Rob Thomsett’s “Project Management Masterclass” training session. I’d previously done his “Essentials” and “Advanced” courses back in the late 90’s so it was great to get some repeat training and see what was new. I had a really awesome time and totally enjoyed it – it was also great to catch up with Rob again as he is an amazing man.

Long time no type

Yet again it’s over a month between entries – oh well – what can I say? Busy, not much to report, etc?

Same ol’ same ol’ here – employed by EDS as a Project Manager and working on a Telstra project (yeah, back at Hellstra :(

Kitt and I both have tax debts to clear plus Nykolai had to have a specialist eye check and now needs glasses. He has a 1-1.5mm congenital cataract in his right eye – not worth operating on at this point but the eye is actually far sighted (behaves like it’s short sighted) so we have to get glasses for that eye and a patch for him to wear at home.

I’m booked in to attend another of Rob Thomsett’s project management courses (his Masterclass course). It’s here in Melbourne in late November so I’m really looking forward to it.

Thanks to all this though I’ve not had enough funds spare to go flying, so once again I’m grounded for a while. Not happy but at least I can use the time to study (and gnash my teeth as I look up at the clear, blue skies filled with aircraft *sigh*)

That’s about it for now – I’ll try to let you know more about what’s happening as it comes along :)