Exit, Sensis

Since early October 2007, I’ve been working for EDS on a project at Sensis. At first I was sent in to turn around the Transition to Production (T2P) operation as part of the online directories support team (White Pages and Yellow Pages).

At the end of June this year, Sensis IT went through a bit of a shake up and our engagement with them moved as well, with the T2P process now being performed by dev rather than support, etc. As part of the change, I was asked to be Production Support Lead as a temporary role from July 1st until a permanent replacement could be arranged. As of this week, my replacement started and over the next couple of weeks I’ll be handing over to him and backing out.

The Sensis gig has been one heck of a project and quite demanding. It’s taught me a few things and I’ve met a lot of fun people but after almost a year in there it’s time to move on. I’ll miss the people and the fun but I probably won’t miss the health hassles (I’ve been sick so often since last year – I’m sure that place has a problem with aircon or something). Not sure what my next project will be but I expect I’ll know more in another week.

My new project

Late last week I mentioned that I was starting a new project and that it promised to be “interesting” – oh yes, indeed it is. Not sure if you’ve ever seen the EDS commercial about building an aircraft while it’s in flight? Well, it’s pretty much spot on for what I’m trying to make happen with the new project.

You can go to YouTube to see the EDS advert about building an aircraft while it’s in flight. They also have an earlier advert that is about Herding Cats – haven’t hit this bit yet, but no doubt it’ll come soon enough.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I work for EDS??? :)

Long time no type

Yet again it’s over a month between entries – oh well – what can I say? Busy, not much to report, etc?

Same ol’ same ol’ here – employed by EDS as a Project Manager and working on a Telstra project (yeah, back at Hellstra :(

Kitt and I both have tax debts to clear plus Nykolai had to have a specialist eye check and now needs glasses. He has a 1-1.5mm congenital cataract in his right eye – not worth operating on at this point but the eye is actually far sighted (behaves like it’s short sighted) so we have to get glasses for that eye and a patch for him to wear at home.

I’m booked in to attend another of Rob Thomsett’s project management courses (his Masterclass course). It’s here in Melbourne in late November so I’m really looking forward to it.

Thanks to all this though I’ve not had enough funds spare to go flying, so once again I’m grounded for a while. Not happy but at least I can use the time to study (and gnash my teeth as I look up at the clear, blue skies filled with aircraft *sigh*)

That’s about it for now – I’ll try to let you know more about what’s happening as it comes along :)

Oh my gawd, I’m employed!

Well, after a few weeks of serious concern re: would I ever get real income again (crewing hot air balloons and doing some IT consulting is fun but it sure don’t pay the big big bucks) I am now gainfully employed. I had been doing a few interviews for a contract Business Analyst position with Sensis but, although they liked me, they were concerned about attention to detail and so on.

While they were pondering this and checking with my references re: my tendancy to be a pedantic S.O.B, another agent found me via LinkMe and threw me at an interview for a Project Manager role at EDS. I went to the interview thinking that, what the hell, let’s just have some fun ‘cos I’m probably too “out there” for EDS – interviewed at 2pm on Friday, got asked by the agent around 3:30pm to supply references and was given the job by 5pm. Wow.

I signed the paperwork yesterday (Monday) and start tomorrow (Wednesday).

As if all that weren’t enough, Kitt got a promotion last week as well. Good news all round then, eh? :)