Still sans phone

Unbelievable – almost 3 weeks without a phone or ‘net connection at home. Telstra keep missing deadlines, stuffing things up and generally acting like an incompetent, bureaucratic bunch of idiots. I know that’s nothing new, but I was expecting that the “big changes” going on over there would have brought them into the present, not sent them even further back into the 1950’s….

Where’s Grant?

So, it’s been almost three months since my last entry – what’s been happening?


Will tell you all about it over a series of posts that, hopefully, I can load up over the next few days.

It may take a while as I don’t have ‘net access at home – a storm came through a few days back and a lightning strike right overhead/nearby took out phones to our apartment block. We’re *still* waiting for Telstra to sort it out – seems it slagged the core coming into the building and it’s *really* old so they have to get a special group out to repair it. Oh, joy.