When in Rome…

We’re watching the Rome mini series and it’s amazing. I am certainly not an historian of the ancient world, but I’ve got an understanding of what it was supposed to be like. Sure, I’ve devoured every Asterix story (in more than one language too), read some historical stories and watched a few documentaries of the epoc. From what I’ve learned, I have to say that this TV-series is amazing in its portrayal of life in ancient Rome. Certainly, at times it’s like watching Dallas (political intrigue, families vs each other, matriachs wanting to kill each other, etc) and the British accents can be grating at times, but damn it’s good.

If you have the chance, I totally recommend watching both seasons of this show. It’s got sex, violence and historical accuracy. Run, don’t walk, to get your hands on the DVDs.

DEVO – great concert – could have been awesome

Just got back home after seeing DEVO live at Festival Hall. We got there in time to catch Regurgitator’s set which was fun.

Average age of the crowd was easily 35+ and there were flowerpot hats everywhere.

DEVO’s set was great – opened with a video clip that was fun, out there and very them. The set itself had lots of classic tracks, the yellow suits, energy, etc. Amazing to see the main 4 guys who are easily 50-60 now up there and bouncing around the place banging out the tracks. Really enjoyed it all right up to their last track – Beautiful World. Perhaps my favourite track and something of an anthem for me – it was bringing tears to my eyes when they started to play it. Then, the lead singer comes back on stage in the “Boogie Boy” outfit and does the whole thing in falsetto. NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!! :(

Heartbroken – left totally flat & cold at the end of it – wondering why the frak they did it :(

Had the sung that track as normal, I would have left that gig on such a high. As it was, I came out going “Yeah, really good, glad I went, but…”

So, in the end, if you’re a fan of DEVO I’d definitely recommend catching the show, but if Beautiful World is your favourite track, just be ready to be a tad let down at the end.

Oh well, now to see how long it takes for the ringing in my ears to end. I figure they should have dug their way back out of my skull by Saturday…