Oh my gawd, I’m employed!

Well, after a few weeks of serious concern re: would I ever get real income again (crewing hot air balloons and doing some IT consulting is fun but it sure don’t pay the big big bucks) I am now gainfully employed. I had been doing a few interviews for a contract Business Analyst position with Sensis but, although they liked me, they were concerned about attention to detail and so on.

While they were pondering this and checking with my references re: my tendancy to be a pedantic S.O.B, another agent found me via LinkMe and threw me at an interview for a Project Manager role at EDS. I went to the interview thinking that, what the hell, let’s just have some fun ‘cos I’m probably too “out there” for EDS – interviewed at 2pm on Friday, got asked by the agent around 3:30pm to supply references and was given the job by 5pm. Wow.

I signed the paperwork yesterday (Monday) and start tomorrow (Wednesday).

As if all that weren’t enough, Kitt got a promotion last week as well. Good news all round then, eh? :)