10,000 Bad Choices

Kitt and I went to see 10,000 BC the other night. Yes, we went Gold Class again – I’ve definitely created a monster as Kitt’s loving Gold Class. Oh well…

As to the movie, like most of the reviewers, I’m not too impressed. I’m not being as nasty about it as they are and I didn’t fall asleep like some guy did in our cinema (well, there’s a waste of $30+). I am, however, saying that if you haven’t seen this one yet, well, wait for it on DVD. Sure, the visuals will be more impressive on a “big screen” but unless you’re copping a freebie, I don’t think it’s worth the cinema prices.

The visual effects were pretty good (nice kitty!) although the fur on the mammoths didn’t always work out (fur is a real pain to animate at the best of times). Sadly though, this movie once again shows us that great effects do not make up for a “been there, done that” plot and 2nd rate acting. Lets not even go down the path of people with pearly white teeth, waxed chests and well made clothing. Heck, if we did that we might even start to wonder what was up with all the metal stuff during the Stone Age or domesticated horses about 5,000 years too early.

The comment going around about the director of this movie (Roland Emmerich) was “He’s stuffed up the present (Independence Day), he’s ruined the future (Day After Tomorrow) and now he’s going to destroy the past.” He’s definitely got a thing going for ancient Egyptian look n feel as some parts towards the end of this movie were reminiscent of his StarGate movie.

So unless you’ve got money to burn or someone else is paying, wait ’til it’s in the discount pile at the video store and then get it if you really want to see it.