Hellboy 2: Golden Army

Kitt and I went to see Hellboy 2: The Golden Army and it wasn’t too bad. At least of the same level as the first one and with enough pace that you didn’t feel like it was a long move (it runs for about 2 hours). There’s humour, great special effects and a gritty, bizare feel to the alternative world of the non-humans. In fact, scenes in the alternative world were sort of like Harry Potter meets Star Wars (Mos Eisley) with a bit of Total Recall (the scenes in the Martian ghettos).

All up its a fun movie that’s worth seeing. What I wouldn’t recommend, however, is going to Hoyts at Chadstone – the cinema was old and ratty, the sound was hollow (and not very surround-sound) and the toilets were a complete mess. We’ve not had a lot of luck with Hoyts cinemas and generally tend to avoid them these days. Sadly, they were the only ones showing the movie. Oh well.