Munchkins Engrossed

We’ve got one of Nykolai’s friends staying over with us tonight. We had talked about going to the movies but Kitt’s sick and I’m zonked after a long week. So, to make up for not going out to see Hancock and Zohan, I picked up a copy of Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii.

I got home about 7pm with the game and they started playing. It’s now gone 10:30pm, they’ve eaten dinner (go pizza!) and they’re still buried in the game. I went in before to see how they were doing:

“Hey munchkins, how’s it going?”
“You guys tired?”
“It’s 10:30, you know…”
“How’s the game?”

All this while totally focused on the screen and the game. Kitt went into the lounge before to get a couple of things and they were fully engrossed in the game, hardly even reacting when she climbed over the couch to get back out again.

Guess it’s not a bad game then…

Busy Day

Yesterday wound up being quite a busy day. I spent some time in the morning racing Nykolai in Burnout with smash competitions and trying to clock best time in a champ car. From there it was a walk down to Carlisle St to get food to make for dinner then lug it all home.

Once home I headed over to Reservoir so I could drop off AG’s extremely cool “oil can guitar” that he’d picked up in South Africa. An amazing piece of work where the body is literally an old oil can with wood neck, hand made pickups and controls. From there we drove over to Brunswick East to pick up AG’s car that had been sitting under a tree for months while he was overseas. Clearing off the collection of possum poo, cobwebs and leaves was the least of the problems. Battery was dead (jump started from my car) and brake fluid was very low, but we got it running and ready to go.

Not long after getting home I got a call from Carlo to see if I wanted to come down to his Flight Experience store and spend some time in their 737-800 simulator. How could I refuse that? So, after dinner it was off to the city and 3 hours in the cockpit flying into and out of airports around the world.

Another busy, happy Saturday but not much time for rest today either: I’m about to head off to Queen Victoria Markets to do the week’s shopping then we have lunch with Kitt’s brother. Maybe some down time will be possible this arvo? Maybe?