DEVO – great concert – could have been awesome

Just got back home after seeing DEVO live at Festival Hall. We got there in time to catch Regurgitator’s set which was fun.

Average age of the crowd was easily 35+ and there were flowerpot hats everywhere.

DEVO’s set was great – opened with a video clip that was fun, out there and very them. The set itself had lots of classic tracks, the yellow suits, energy, etc. Amazing to see the main 4 guys who are easily 50-60 now up there and bouncing around the place banging out the tracks. Really enjoyed it all right up to their last track – Beautiful World. Perhaps my favourite track and something of an anthem for me – it was bringing tears to my eyes when they started to play it. Then, the lead singer comes back on stage in the “Boogie Boy” outfit and does the whole thing in falsetto. NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!! :(

Heartbroken – left totally flat & cold at the end of it – wondering why the frak they did it :(

Had the sung that track as normal, I would have left that gig on such a high. As it was, I came out going “Yeah, really good, glad I went, but…”

So, in the end, if you’re a fan of DEVO I’d definitely recommend catching the show, but if Beautiful World is your favourite track, just be ready to be a tad let down at the end.

Oh well, now to see how long it takes for the ringing in my ears to end. I figure they should have dug their way back out of my skull by Saturday…

3 thoughts on “DEVO – great concert – could have been awesome”

  1. Enjoy – Regurgitator were pretty good too.

    DEVO were great – just that one little bit that stopped it being perfect.

    minus that dogs breakfast of a rendition of beautiful world at the end.
    im right out there with most of you spud boys but i agree with the person who started this blog… crap!
    also left me going home thinking…what the fuck were they thinking!
    apart from that ,worth the 25 year wait!.
    I am 36 now and loved them before and during there peak and dropped off after oh no its devo – early 80`s
    started to listen to them again after getting my concert ticket and have a new found respect for there music.
    everyone talks about and loves freedom of choice and new traditionalists as i also do but i really dig all there old shit from the late 70`s ( are we not men and duty now for the future. )
    seriously, trying not to sound like a cliche here, but they really were ahead of there time….kurt cobain from NIRVANA actually stated his biggest musical influence was mark motherborough from DEVO …amazing!
    but as mentioned at the melb concert, they only played song from there first 5 albulms – suits me
    must admit, turned around to a childhood friend who was a big devo fan like myself and said “this is the best concert ever! after only 2 songs! TOTALLY AMAZING EXPERIENCE to see and hear the guys that took me through primary school, high school and puberty. brought back great memories
    in summary, not all the songs were played i thought – still new the words to every song played – but if your a true DEVO fan, you will just get off hearing the b side stuff. ……presently checking cheap flights to ADL anyone help me out or want to come ;)…..not waiting another 25 years, lets face it, wont be happening again for a long time so lets go for it spuds!

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