Blog Comment Spam – A New Wave

Despite not a single spam comment showing up on any of the blogs I run, the stupid spammers keep trying. I wind up with mountains of the stuff that has been automatically tagged & put in the “spam” folder by Akismet. These days, I don’t even both to check, I just go in and wipe the lot.

Occasionally some spam gets past Akismet as it uses different phrasing and thus winds up in the pending folder for me to review. Usually these are few & far between but this morning I had waves of new ones getting past on all the blog sites. It wasn’t long before these were all tagged as spam by myself and many other people out there using Akismet so very quickly the wave stopped and new ones were being dealt with properly.

How much longer will it be before the ROI for these retards pumping out comment spam gets so low that it’s no longer worth doing? What will they replace it with?

Who knows. Meanwhile, I just live in hope of one day actually getting my hands on one of these frakkers so I can return the care & kindness they’ve shown us :)