Comparing Iraq to Sudan raises nasty questions

Oh, wonderful deflection by our illustrious PM, little Johnny boy. When asked about Iraq he deflects us off to the current tragedy in the Sudan. Perhaps not such a good idea when you think about it.

Yes, it’s terrible what’s happening in the Sudan. Yes, the UN hasn’t stepped in quickly to solve it. But then again, where’s the USA now when, as Howard has pointed out, a far worse situation is unfolding in the Sudan than in Iraq? Shouldn’t the US be faking evidence of WMD and Al Qaida so they can invade the Sudan?

Well, I guess there’s no easily snapped up oil production that the US can take over to prevent it being sold for Euros. I guess “Dubya” doesn’t get any major family kudos for stomping on them.

Bye bye Howard – you’re way beyond your use by date.