Spring in Melbourne

It must be spring in Melbourne: Spring Carnival horse racing has started and there are ladies to be seen in town wearing light & often skimpy spring fashions on their way to & from the races. We’ve just had a week or so of clear blue skies and relative warmth (20-25 degrees Celsius) to get everyone feeling like Spring has sprung and it’s safe to shed a few layers of clothing.

So what does Melbourne’s weather decide to do? Why, flip to cold and start the rain bucketing down, what else? We’re back to 12-16 degrees, it’s raining, there’s storms (with hail, no less) and lots of wind. The Bureau are predicting coldish temperatures into next week and there are currently warnings for flooding in the catchment areas, severe winds across the bay & district (gale force & damaging) and potential for flash flooding.

Great time for my parents to come down from their place in tropical Thailand to visit us, no? :)

NOTE: Actually, the flooding in the catchment areas is not all bad – we need the rain to help refill our water supplies as the 10 year drought we’ve been in had them getting worryingly low.

Back home to the cold

We’re back home to Melbourne and it’s bloody cold! For two weeks in Thailand we set the airconditioning to 20 degrees and thought that was deliciously cool. Now we’ve got our heaters running just to get *up* to 20 degrees in the house.

Apparently while we were away it was nice, dry weather but since we’ve returned it’s gone back to rain and cold. Guess we carried the rain with us as the rains in Bangkok started earlier than expected about when we arrived. Hmmm – wonder if we can test this by taking a holiday to a desert area :)

I have a few entries to complete about our time in Phuket and back in Bangkok, including snorkeling, elephant rides, tailored clothing and still more bowling. I’ll get around to finishing them this week – plus loading a few photos (no, really! :) )

It’s good to be home again although I could do without the cold. I managed to last 4.5 hours at the office on Monday before my relaxed, happy “freshly vacationed” feelings were destroyed. Given the general “fun” on this project, I’m surprised it took that long. Oh well – incentive to start planning the next trip I guess…