You know it’s spicy when…

Until tonight I would have said that the spiciest things I’d eaten were those meals that made my eyelids sweat. Until now, these had been limited to:

  • A chili con carne meal an ex-gf made for my flatmates and I back in Sydney
  • A meal my ex-wife made in Melbourne while trying to prove she could cook something spicier than “that bitch ex-gf of yours!”
  • A laksa that Kitt cooked one night and accidentally dumped into it a lot of chilli liquid stuff

Well, guess what, tonight they all got wiped out.

At home, we often have our “Stodge” meal – it’s usually done on a Sunday night in winter and consists of baked beans cooked with chopped onion, crushed garlic, stacks of cheese, a shitload of spices and so on. Definitely not your usual Baked Beans meal. “Normal” baked beans are what Nykolai has while we’re preparing the “Stodge” :)

Tonight, Kitt cracked open another jar of her mother’s “Chilli Jam” – one of the 2 or 3 we’d picked up last time we visited them up in Tweed Heads. Usually this packs a solid wallop and about 6 teaspoons of it can be counted on to make a nice, tangy “Stodge.” Well, I’m not sure about this jar – either it came from a completely different batch or it had been sitting longer than the others. Either way it packed one hell of a kick, that’s for sure!

I can now say that the spiciest meal I’ve ever had was eaten tonight. Not only did it make my eyelids sweat, it also fogged up my glasses. I kid you not – the lenses just kept fogging up ‘cos my face was putting out so much sweaty heat.

Not bad, eh? (and yes, I did eat it all – delicious! :)