Checking facts while writing articles – slows ya down but it’s worth it :)

So here I am in the middle of writing an article (well, a commentary) on an issue that’s important to me and I’m doing some research. I’m digging into the main topic a bit more and finding all sorts of tangents & issues related to it that I’m reading into. Suddenly, my “quick post with a bit of a rant” has me heading off into forums, project blogs and other areas to learn more about the topic.

Seems my first concepts were mostly right but a few spots could do with some shoring up to help them survive scrutiny. Hmmmm, good thing I did some more digging, right?

Yeah, it’s a good thing, but sadly, it means I’m going to take all evening to write this damned commentary piece rather than a quick 1/2 hour bit of work. Not a bad thing when you have some spare time but rather annoying when you’ve got stacks of work you need to be doing.

In this case, though, I’m not going to let it get to me and stop me from finishing the piece I’m working on. That’s happened all too often in the past year or two, which is why I’ve had a massive lack of posts on the various websites I usually appear on. My online commentary has been cut back to a few quick posts or replies on Facebook, tweets and one or two forum posts here and there. Most annoying.

Time to push through & complete these various articles, commentaries & posts. I need to make time for them and squeeze them in between the day job, the aviation show and a few beers.

Hmmm – this could be tricky :)

Getting Published Again

Many years ago while I was living in Buenos Aires, I wrote a few articles for the local English language newspaper including the problems inherent in calling the Internet a “Super Highway”, a guide to safer driving in Buenos Aires and going comet chasing. I also worked on an article with a friend about mobile phones as fashion statements for Latin American mobile phone magazine.

Things went quiet for a while until I wrote a couple of articles for aviation magazines, one on the Albury Airshow in 2002 and the other on a session in a full motion 737 sim. They were both back in 2002/2003 and aside from various blog posts here or at Fly Me Friendly, I never really produced any further articles.

This all changed today when Shashank Nigam published my article on his very well read Simpliflying site. The article provides a background on the birth of Jetstar, its growth to date and how it is destined to consume more of QANTAS’ mainline routes & aircraft.

Head on over to Simpliflying and check out the article.

Thanks to Shashank for giving me the opportunity to gain further exposure to the global aviation world and helping to promote PCDU, it’s very much appreciated :)