Helpful Apple Tech

Kitt’s G4 Mac has been out of action for a few weeks following a power outage here at home. When the power came back on, the machine refused to turn on, flashing its power light for a bit and then shutting down almost immediately.

I’d tried to get a new power supply for it as I figured that was the problem, but Macs have different power supplies to any PC out there. Oh well – time to call Apple and find out how much.

Speaking with a tech from one of the Apple stores in town, I explained the situation and he gave me the price on a new power supply (ouch!). He also said it sounded like it may not need one as it could just need a reset of the power management system on the board. He pointed me at an Apple support page about resetting the CUDA/PM on these computers.

Piece of cake – easily done and yes, that solved the problem. So now Kitt’s Mac is up and running again and there is much happiness in the house. Kitt’s very happy to have her computer back (she’d been using the laptops on my desk – one Windows and one Ubuntu) and I’m happy to have received great service from an Apple tech. Score more points for future Mac purchases :)