Waiting for Google.com…

I’m not sure about the rest of you folks, but I certainly do seem to be spending a lot of time waiting for Google these days. I’m using their RSS Reader & doing searches, both at their home page and through the search box in my browsers. I’m also using their maps, translation system, documents and, of course, their web traffic analytics system on all of the web sites I manage.

It also seems that many of the sites I visit during the day have decided that Google’s products are pretty good and are using Google Analytics as wel as displaying adverts supplied by Google.

With so many sites & people making Google a central part of their online experience. perhaps it’s no surprise that I’m frequently seeing the phrase “waiting for google.com” in the status bar of my browsers. Given it’s all free for a non-advertiser like me (so far :), I shouldn’t be complaining about having to wait, but it seems that whenever I’m thinking “Damn, this is taking a while” I see “Waiting for google.com.”

So long as it all stays free as it currently is, I’m willing to put up with it. Certainly wouldn’t want to be paying for it, that’s for sure.