Mo Movies

Last night we took Nykolai and one of his friends to the Astor to see Kung Fu Panda. So glad we did as it was a great movie and we haven’t laughed so much in ages. We’ll definitely be picking up this one on DVD.

I’ve also realised I’d forgotten to list a few other movies we’ve seen lately, including:

Prince Caspian:
While a fun movie, it wasn’t anything super spectacular and was about on par with the first Narnia movie. If anything, it was not quite as good as the first. Still, worth seeing and maybe one day we’ll buy both of them on DVD.

Spiderwick Chronicles:
This was also a fun movie but, once again, nothing amazing or worth writing home about. Not in any real hurry to see it again but I’d probably get it on DVD.

Iron Man:
This was a great movie and we really enjoyed seeing this one. We went Gold Class to see it and I’d quite happily go and see it again in the cinemas. Definitely one for the DVD collection.

Night Watch and Day Watch:
A pair of Russian movies that are very grainy and raw – a good pair of movies that tell a story that spans them both. Based on the books of the same name, the movies a similar but with a few plot twists and changes. They’re not the usual Hollywood style movie having a dirty, disjoint and off-center feel to them. Oh yeah, and they’re in Russian with subtitles. While we enjoyed the movies and may very well wind up with them in the DVD collection, I have to say I preferred the books more. There’s a third book called Twighlight Watch that I’m about to start reading. It’s apparently going to be made into a movie as well so we’ll see how that all hangs together next year when it’s due.

Indiana Jones – Crystal Skull:
Returning to the adventure of the first movie, this one substituted religious mysticism for science fiction as the driving force behind the search & discovery. A good story with the usual larger-than-life action stunts that kept your attention right through it. Definitely a keeper.