Still Mo Movies

Yet another movie experience today and yet again at the Astor Theatre near home. They were showing The Dark Knight and we’ve been hanging to go and see it. Nykolai had seen it before but was very happy to go again, so we wound up with one of his friends and family as well as us.

All up, a great movie and well worth seeing. Some have said that there was too much packed into it and yes, it did feel almost like two movies rolled into one. Perhaps that had to do with having both The Joker and Two Face in it. I didn’t find it too over the top and felt that the pace, action and story were great. Heath Ledger as The Joker was amazing, mixing some aspects of Jack Nicholson’s portrayal from Tim Burton’s Batman movie with his own version of a complete psycho. It’s worth it just for him alone.

Definitely a keeper and soon to be appearing in our collection, I’d say.