They’re getting nastier…

I’ve been wiped out for the past few days with a very nasty virus, the dreaded Man Flu. As ordered by the doctor (and common sense), recovery consists of lots of rest, plenty of fluids (not beer, though :( ) and no going back to work until I’m up to it. Given it has taken two days before I could even enjoy looking at a computer, let alone think my way through issues more complex than a Phantom comic, I think I’ll follow my doctor’s advice and take tomorrow off as well.

This is the third time this year I’ve had something like flu/cold/gripe/enfirmo/whatever. Usually I hardly ever get them then, if I do, I’m feeling run down for a day, have a fever that night and am fine after that. Back at the start of the year I had a bad run and now this – in between I’ve had a “normal” flu session that was gone in a day.

Is this because humanity is breeding stronger viruses thanks to dosing people up all the time with antibiotics instead of allowing our immune systems to sort themselves out? Is it ‘cos I’ve gone over the “magic line” of 40 years now? Or is it because it’s going around my office and lots of people are out sick at the moment?


Whatever the cause, my apologies to those who are waiting for me to produce something, be it emails, commentary or work products. I should be able to think clearly soon and will start getting stuck into the backlog…

9 thoughts on “They’re getting nastier…”

  1. I just cant believe you would use your FB status to market your blog …very cheap and nasty …never expected this from Grant !

  2. Yeah – I’m going commercial – wonder where I learned about that! :)

    That and it’s easier to just put a reference to it on FB rather than type it all twice… :)

  3. Dude, flu’s got nothing to do with antibiotics, but dosing up on them doesn’t help anyone really… Yeah fluids, rest, Vit C, all that.

    Take care,

    (P.S. This Google Reader thing hasn’t even picked up your latest post yet, only found out on FB)

  4. Oh wow – those Microbes are awesome – I *so* love ThinkGeek and have finally started ordering things from them (shipping costs about AUS$25 or so, so you want to put together a good order so it’s worth it :) )

    I think the Google Reader caches things – maybe a SHIFT-REFRESH would have done it?

  5. Hey, think the shift-refresh thing works, will have to keep trying it for a while and see what happens.

    Yeah, I’m quite fond of Think Geek myself now (your fault! ;p), I did order a few things but the postage is a killer. It’s a shame because with the dollar trading the way it is, a lot of that stuff is quite cheap. I had to get some of those caffeinated mints, which have come in rather handy ;p

  6. The “office sickness” can often be tracked to janatorial skill. As an example, an office where the janitors wipe down the elevator buttons and bathroom doorknobs is often healthier than one where they don’t. The “open plan” probably doesn’t matter, since cold and flu critters typically are not airborne, but spread very well by contact.

  7. I think we’ve got a guy who comes through and does some cleaning – I’ve seen him do the glass on the doors, kitchen areas and the toilets during the day – otherwise it’s “Clean it yerself.” Not sure if he’s wiping down elevators, door knobs and so on – and whether it’s done with antiseptic level cleaner or just a damp cloth.

    What I do know is that I’ve had more flu’s and sick days in this building and on this project than I did when Nykolai was going to pre-school (and that’s one nasty illness breeding & swapping environment :) )

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