Gold Class Fatboy

To help celebrate Kitt’s birthday, I took her to dinner at Kanpai (a great Japanese restaurant) and then to see Run, Fatboy, Run. Surprisingly, this was Kitt’s first ever time at a Gold Class cinema and I may have created a monster as she’s now hooked (note: we didn’t dress up for it and nor did we see anyone super dressed up – that’s just the adverts)

The movie is the third one from Simon Pegg following on from Shaun of the Dead (brilliant) and Hot Fuzz (hillarious). We’re fans of Simon’s work (remember the UK TV show Spaced?) and were looking forward to checking out his latest offering.

While it’s a good movie, it wasn’t at the same level as the earlier ones. We really like the “out there” humour of Shaun & Fuzz and appreciate the subtle (and not so subtle :) ) references to other movies, shows & issues. Simon’s gone “mainstream” with Fatboy and while it’s a funny movie with moments of hillarity, it’s way more commercial than his other works.

The character “Gordan” (played by Dylan Moran) is great and gives us much to aspire to (no, really! :) ) although I was a tad wierded out by Hank Azaria as “Whit” as I kept waiting to hear him say Dodge, Dive, Dip, Duck n … Dodge (or start doing one of his Simpson’s voices)

There are definitely some magic moments in the movie and it is well worth seeing, although perhaps for some it would be better via DVD or “Tight Arse Tuesday” (movies are usually cheaper on Tuesdays – and now, so is petrol – go figure)