Busy day

What a day – I’m trying to work from home on my current project with Sensis while also looking after Nykolai and two of his mates. Add to that I’ve got Robert over who’s downloading a couple of Gb of data required to repair his computer (hard drive fried in the middle of touring Australia and he’s got a gig next week – oops). He’s having some problems getting it all sorted out and testing it but it looks like it’s getting there.

One amusing side to Robert’s hassles is that I discovered I used to date his girl friend in Berlin when she lived here in Australia. We were talking on the phone sorting a few things out and I recognised her voice. Amazing to find that sort of linkage and coincidence in the world. I think someone’s been stirring up a really hot cup of tea :)

So in the end, I’ve managed to get stuff done but have not been as productive as I thought. Mind you, it’s been a fun (although, at times, “interesting” :) day so I’m certainly not complaining.