Old Times on TV

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it but, in addition to The Goodies, we’ve been going back in time on TV with The Young Ones. The joys of DVDs and series owners realising that they can wring a few more bucks from the ol’ shows by releasing them to those of us who want to relieve our youth, misspent or not :)

In keeping with this, I’ve pounced on the chance to get my hands on episodes of Blakes 7 – classic British Sci-Fi that I loved as a kid. Now I get to introduce Nykolai to it plus Kitt’s only ever seen a few episodes so it’s pretty new for her too.

Going back in time and seeing what they did on such a small budget has been great fun. Like watching old Dr Who episodes that, despite obviously crappy effects and props, still hold a magic in their story and character development.

Not sure what’s going to be next – it would be GREAT to find all the episodes of Quark on DVD. That would be so awesome :)