Home Rennovators – aaarrrggghhh!!!!

For the past two months the guy downstairs has been rennovating his apartment by himself or with a couple of friends to help. This included knocking out a wall. It’s taking so long because he’s doing it on weekends only (except for the final bit of wall-destruction where he had a builder come through mid-week.

Fortunately the really nasty bits (using a mega-drill to gouge out the floor, etc) were done mid-week, but for most of the past 10 weekends or so, we’ve had pounding, drilling, hammering and so on from downstairs.

So much for quiet rest at home.

Thus, I say to you, if you’re contemplating DIY home improvements, seriously consider instead shelling out the $$$ and getting someone to do it all in one week working Monday to Friday. Trust me, the extra $$$ you spend to do it will be more than offset by the respect and happiness of your neighbours…