APC Asia Conference – Day 3

That’s it – the conference is over – wow – an amazing time meeting lots of new people, putting faces to those I’ve chatted with online and catching up with people I already knew from previous meetings. We managed to get through so much but there is still wwwaaayyyy more that could be done. Is there ever enough time? :)

A big thing for me has been getting a better indication of what APC and its members are doing. A potential item is getting more involved with ICANN / IGF – early days but the initial steps have been taken. Very interesting – almost fascinating!

Flint from AID/Watch came over at the end of the day to say HI and have a couple of beers. He’s a client of ours (we host their site and developed it for them) so it was great to catch up.

After that it was off to dinner with Karen and Patcha – we wound up Sussex Thai on (surprise surprise :) Sussex St. Excellent food although their “spice ratings” are a little low. They rated a Pad Gai Kaprow as 3/4 spicy (which is correct if it’s done over in Thailand) but it was only mildly spicy, even with the bits of chillies in the food. Oh well – it was still great.

Now I’m once again sitting with the others from The Foyer Club, on the floor outside the conference room using the wireless link for access. Gotta love it :)