APC Asia Conference – Day 2

It’s the end of the day and I’m in my room where it’s cool and comfortable. I may not have Internet access from here but it’s better than sitting on the floor in the lobby where it’s warmer and harsher on the bum :).

In case you’re wondering, I’m writing this in a text editor and will paste it into a blog entry tomorrow morning when I’m back in wireless range :)

Today has been busy but very productive and I’m happy with how things have turned out. I was concerned that without Andrew (my APC.au co-director) here at the conference, I would let the team down. So far, it seems that I’ve been able to do OK, which is very encouraging.

We reviewed APC’s strategic priorities and discussed the work we’re doing in our member organisations, looking to see what aligned with those priorities and whether there was work being done that they didn’t reflect. It would appear that a number of us are now working in the “Intellectual Property” world, not just pure ICTs, so perhaps APC’s strategic priorities should be expanded accordingly.

The team I was working with (Bobby from IPD and Shahzad from BytesForAll) also thought that APC should make Gender Equality, Sustainable Development and Innovation strategic prioritiesi instead of “cross category” mentionable items. It was generally agreed by all that we needed a good, working definition of “Sustainable Development” and “Innovation” (no surprises there :)

I spoke with KarenB about helping APC in the project management / analysis areas as that’s what I do these days. She introduced me to their new PM space and we’ll be discuss what’s going on in more detail in the near future. Could be fun.

After the day’s work, I headed over to the James Squire brewrey/pub in Darling Harbour to meet up with Simon Rumble then headed back after a few beers. I wound up running into some of the APC crew who were getting ready for dinner so I had a drink with them then headed back to the hotel with the take-away I’d picked up.

As usual, a few of us hung out in the foyer surfing and talking but, eventually, the hard floor got to me and I came back here. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day and then I go back on Wednesday. Somehow I have to try to keep the momentum going when I’m back – I think now that I can totally appreciate Andrew’s comments to this effect after past conferences :)