Mice out, Mice in

We lost another mouse yesterday – little Frood was about a year old and we found her dead in the nest. Guess she had an embolism or something. Really thought Kissy would be the next to go (she’s about 3 years old) but it was Frood.

We’d picked up Lursa and B’Etor a few months back (whoops – forgot to blog that bit of incredible news) so we had four mice left (Kissy, Hoopy, Lursa & B’etor). With Hoopy losing weight and coughing often, we figure she’s likely to be next, so, off to get a few more mice.

Off to Up Market Pets and into the mouse zone. Kitt picked up a Siamese Manx mouse (siamese like points on the nose & ears, no tail, white, pink eyes – wierd man, just wierd!) that she’s calling Bella. Nykolai got a new white & black mouse with face markings almost like a badger that he’s calling Mini-Me.

Integration is progressing slowly with a number of “interesting” moments between them all. Perhaps it’s all true then, they *are* doing experiements on man…