Some Fast, Some Slow

Amazing how two days so close together can be so radically different. Two days ago, things appear to be cruising along for me but Andrew’s laptop frags itself, the c2o server gets a crazy failure and crashes and a tram breaks down, causing massive inconvenience. At the end of the day I’m wondering where that cruisy feeling went.

Then yesterday I’m racing around taking Nykolai to stay with friends, picking up a new laptop for Bill and getting it ready to go (installed, configured, setup for him and handed over), sorting out computer issues at Crumpler and getting Andrew’s laptop working again (without loss of data).

Wound up handing over Andrew’s laptop in a carpark near where we both work and on the way to a focus group meeting I was part of.

Two days ago, cruisy but things going wrong. Yesterday, flat out hectic but successful. Who knows what fun today will bring :)