Kyogle Photos Soon

I’ve received an email from one of the crew who was with us at Kyogle and he’s included photos. I’ll load them in the next couple of days for your amusement :)

My car’s off the road for the moment – been grounded due to some mechanical issues (brakes, etc). For now, I’ve been driving a car loaned to me by my friend Carlo (mega thanks, mate :)

Workstation Patch Update

Updated all workstations to latest Microsoft patch level for their various operating systems plus the two servers. One of the finance workstations died during the update – had a glitch while applying a service pack and now can’t complete a full reboot. I can feel a rebuild coming on…

Primal Party at Melbourne Leather Festival

Did a 3 hour set last night for the Primal party – part of the Melbourne Leather Festival. I was the opening DJ in the Lounge space. Lots of fun. I hope to do another mix CD with music based around the Primal theme – dark, sleazy and kinda sexy :)

Back from Byron

Got back to Melbourne today after two days at a planning retreat for c2o. First day was in Byron Bay at a house near the beach while the second was on a property that sits at the intersection of two national parks near Kyogle. The weather was great, the company was wonderful and we managed to get some good work done despite the destractions that nature could provide. Definitely have to go and do it all again soon.

While I didn’t take any photos, most of the others did, so I’ll try to snaffle a couple of choice ones for here and then link to the rest. Not sure when – watch this space.

For now, it’s back to the “real world” – the car needs work, I have to make some big decisions about my company & finances, it’s time to move house in a week or two plus all the usual things that pile up around me – wouldn’t have it any other way :)

D3 Launch

At last, we launch the D3 project that turns out to be one of the biggest things to hit Federation Square. I’m very proud to have been involved as Project Manager – a lot of fun and quite educational.

First Hack

Well, I thought I could get away without it, but no – here I am producing a blog. Truth of the matter is, I don’t always get around to emailing/calling everyone I should, so having this here is a handy way for those who want to know to find out what’s going on in my life (well, the bits I’m willing to put up in public, at least :)

I would advise against expecting much in here – I’m not about to pour out my heart & soul and I’m also not going to do it like one of those “Dear Diary – today I clipped my toe nails” blogs by those who think the world wants to know every detail of their lives…

So, to start with, here’s the frame work that will hold the updates – yes, it’s terrible, but it’ll do for a start.