Religion as underwear?

Maria Langer, a helicopter pilot & author in Arizona, keeps a rather insightful & amusing blog where she posts her thoughts, experiences and other items she finds worthy of archiving. One of her posts commented on Christianity and, like rancid meat, it’s drawn the annoying, sickening horde of rabid Jesus-freaks in to comment.

To say it’s amusing to read the article’s comments is an understatement. For a religion that professes to be based on love, these folks are certainly destroying that brand image.

Aside from an amusing read at 03:00 in the morning after weather forced us to cancel this morning’s scheduled balloon flight, it also inspired me to make this observation:

Religion is like underwear – it says a lot about who you are, shapes your actions and can give you a comforting feeling, but if you keep showing it in public you can get a really bad name for yourself.