Guide to writing letters to the government

So, you’re pissed off about Conroy’s idiotic mandatory “Clean Feed” Internet filter and want to tell him your thoughts? Perhaps you’re angry about the shambles in Copenhagen and Australia’s bully-boy attitude to some other counries? Or heck, maybe you just want to have a c’est la vent moment against the government in general because, like some of us, you’re over all politicians and the mandarins of the civil service.

Usually I’d bang out some snide email or fax to the minister in question, often with cc’s to other ministers and the PM to boot. I’m sure many of you have done the same.

Well, guess what – while doing that may help vent some anger, it is very likely that it won’t have much impact on the idiots in question. Sad but true.

If you really want to get noticed and cause a problem, follow Bernard Keane‚Äôs guide to writing to Ministers over at Crikey. It’s so essential for everyone to read this that they didn’t put it behind the pay wall. Excellent.

So, please go and read this now, learn its simple key points and then use them in all your letter writing to the Government. It’s time to make the bastards honest and do the work we elected them for (you know, listen to the electorate, think beyond their own selves, make decisions that are for the greater good rather than the next election, etc :)